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Our accomplishments

The realization of our projects is dependant on the urgency and the chronology of the requests. When the technical requirements allow for it, a number of sites are simultaneously in progress at the same time.

AFRICA FUTURE has its own technical teams. It has recourse to additional outside services when there is a heavier workload or a need for specialists.

The materials are obtained in the country or imported if necessary. We frequently have the problem of a poor quality of any given product sold in Cameroon. AFRICA FUTURE is attentive to the quality of its works; quality and esthetical constructions, quality health care, quality education and quality professional formation.

In the event that a project is financially important, it is realized in successive stages but always carried to term in as a brief a delay as possible.


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Communication channels

Nature of the projectYear
Creation of dirt road Nkongada-Nkoumse North - 16 km 2008
4 km of dirt road Ngodi-Dibang 2007
Resurfacing of dirt road Sombo - Ngodi-Si 2006
Beginning of the creation of the dirt road Pan-Makak - Koukoum 2006
Creation and finishing of dirt roads began in 2004.2005
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Health / hygiene

Nature of the projectYear
Opening of the clinic at Nkongada (temporary premises) 2007
Opening Maternity Clinic / Center Mother-Child Douala-Boko 2007
Laparoscopy surgical equipment at Emana 2007
Beginning of the construction of the clinic and nurses bulding Pan Makak, mother-child center Douala.2006
Providing of an electrical generator for Emana hospital2006
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Training / education

Nature of the projectYear
Opening of a primary school and junior high school at the educational complex of Emana 2008
Installation in the college's permanent premises Ngodi-Si (6 classrooms, 1 computer room, 1 library, 1 multipurpose room), construction of 8 houses for teachers 2008
Opening of the kindergarten at Emana 2007
Open class 3rd College at Ngodi-Si 2007
A Ngodi-Si: Opening of 4th class in college, Installation of school carpentry workshop, building of the cultural center auditorium. 2006
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Agriculture / Farming

Nature of the projectYear
Creating food producing fields 2006
Restarting of the farm 2006
Germination of 10,650 seedlings of oil palm tree. 2002
Breeding of chicken, pigs, hens, rabbits, goats and sheep. 2002
Supply of crushing mills for cassava one for Lissegue and one for Bomb. 2002
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Habitat / equipment

Nature of the projectYear
Opening of the Reception and Resourcing Center Mbankolo-Yaounde 2008
Opening of the Reception and Resourcing Center Kribi2008
Opening of the St-Michel Auditorium at Ngodi Si 2007
Financing micro-economic projects (28 committees) 2006
Launching of the construction of Mbankolo-Yaounde center.2006
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