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Education and schooling

Education et scolarisation


Education et scolarisation

Building a school in Ngodi-Si was a primary preoccupation for Father Emmanuel

If the villagers proved logical to first build bridges, roads and dispensaries there still remains the fact that only a school can build the future of a nation

AFRICA FUTURE is particularly attentive to the quality of teaching methods, to the exemplary behaviour of the teachers and to the varied difficulties that the students can encounter.

In Ngodi-si, the school complex Deo Gratias, welcomes children and youth from kindergarten to secondary schooling; a new class being open each year until we manage to attain the final year. At the beginning of the school year 2009 the class for the second year of the secondary cycle was opened bringing the total of students to 300. The cycle should be completed for the school year 2011.

The tuition charged in these schools is adapted to the low level of living standards of the rural populations: 7,80 euro per year and per student, books and uniforms included. AFRICA FUTURE intends to make schooling absolutely affordable, we work with parents who misunderstand so all children can have access to schooling.

AFRICA FUTURE constructs beautiful buildings made of dirt bricks. Comfortable houses are rented at reasonable prices, to the teaching staff.


Children from the village and surrounding localities attend these schools but parents from the cities are asking for the admission of their children to the AFRICA FUTURE schools because of the quality of the teaching that is given and sometimes to distance them from the dangers of the city. This then poses the problem of housing for these students.

For now, they are entrusted to families from the village chosen because of their seriousness – frequently these the families of the teachers-, some twenty of them are lodged at the welcome center temporarily organized as a boarding facility. The project of a boarding facility is on the list for the coming years.

At Emana-Village (Yaoundé) a school complex received its first students at the beginning of the school year 2007 in a splendid storied building not far from the Deo Gratias Hospital. The third year class will open in September 2009. This village did not have any «official»school; AFRICA FUTURE was a welcomed facility for hundreds of children.

Moreover, AFRICA FUTURE financially supports students who wish to pursue higher studies in payable apprenticeship given in Cameroon, the formation of their staff who want to retrain or have access to a higher level within their own profession.

For the past last fifteen years a well equipped carpentry school is in operation in Ngodi-Si. Trainees are formed as well as adults who wish to better their skills.

A brick factory produces dirt bricks (dirt +sand+ cement) that are sun dried. The villagers discovered this material and utilize it more and more to build their houses. All of AFRICA FUTURE constructions are made of brick.

Education et scolarisation


Education et scolarisation


Education et scolarisation

The palm tree plantation (3 ha) the small farm of goats and pigs, the market garden all serve as models for the adults and welcome children for «discovery» visits.