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Word from the President (AFRICA FUTURE FRANCE)


Le mot de la Présidente

Travel in Africa and enjoy the sun, what a windfall!

Truly a windfall! Though fleeing the heat and going South did not appeal to me, friendly encounters lead me to Cameroon

For the last twenty years, I travel, I stay

, I discover, I learn something of the world other than in books. It just fascinates me!

I am overwhelmed as today I travel dirt roads that previously did not exist, as I see numerous children playing in school yards when this was unimaginable, as health care professionals welcome the sick, as desolate villages find new life

The road traveled was and remains a journey. I must say the truth and renounce to fairy telling even if at times it seems that miracles were being accomplished.

Imagine that I left an Alsace covered with snow a Christmas eve in 1987 to land in the oppressing heat of Douala; a as Europeans would say, and the next day to find myself at the heart of the Cameroon bush country with a 35 degrees Celsius in the shade. The environment and the society were totally unknown to me: a house without water or electricity, two cinder blocks to rest my suitcase but a welcome with song and dance, bursting with a refreshing joy that enlightens and nourishes. The little children ran screaming because my white skin scared them; the older ones, each their turn and during three hours, recited stories or interpreted a song. Taking into account the luggage weight, I was able to offer each one a candy and a ball point pen as a Christmas gift. At the same moment my mind was reminding me of just what type of Christmas gifts we give in the West.

The contrast between this population’s capacity to celebrate and their neediness was very evident. I became enthusiastic in this visible happiness. I began to laugh with the women who were joyfully singing in front of my house even at early sunrise. I also met looks that spoke louder than words. And this was the beginning of a deep rooted and lasting relationship.

While mothers live abandoned in poverty and men live in despair in face of a miserable future for their children; the birth of AFRICA FUTURE then becomes obvious.

To you who surf worldwide on the internet, I say «COME! »

Welcome with us, full of enthusiasm and competencies, come work and learn and live and help others live!

Le mot de la Présidente