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Our mission

Our first efforts have been dedicated to the department of Nyong and Kelé where lots of solicitations have grown very rapidly, but we also respond punctually to alternative needs arising from other regions of Cameroon.

As a priority matter, villagers logically tend to favour the road and rail links before health-care complexes although very necessary but difficult to access due to the absence of trails and bridges.

Nos missions

Since January 1989, Abbot Emmanuel and “its Whites” annually used to go off on mission to Cameroon. The first bridge has opened up the village of Ngodi-Lom and Ngodi-Si even during the rainy season.

Many villages are stimulated by this new opportunity. Procession of woman’s coming from Ngodi-Si, the birthplace of AFRIQUE FUTURE, request new bridges or segments of trails.
Carrying on their heads bowls filled with vegetables and fruits, these gifts are meant for Priest Emmanuel and his team coming from far away. They sing, they dance their hope for a promising future. Requests are registered in a chronologic fashion, and the men from the villages concerned are ready to assume their contribution on the building site.

Indeed, it falls to the Africans to provide the aggregates (sand and gravel extracted from the rivers, collected and crushed stones). Besides the non specialised labour, AFRIQUE FUTURE is seeking funds to insure the technical following through.

Health is the second domain of involvement. A hospital has seen the light in 1995, in Ngodi-Si, followed by country community health centres in Mbeng, Nguibassal, Bobog, Messondo, Pan-Makak, and Nkongada. The hospital of “Emana Village-Yaounde” has opened its doors end of 2004 and the one in Douala Boko treats since December 2007 the concentrated population of the poor district. Nos missions

The third important concern is the education. Since the start of the new school year of 2001, the school of Ngodi-Si proposes, classes for children starting from nursery, primary and secondary school until the high school for kids that wouldn’t have the chance to be educated if there was no school.
In September 2007, the school complex of Emana-Village welcomes his first schoolchild in nursery and primary school. It’s only one year later that secondary school classes started to exist.

The brickyard of Ngodi-Si makes ground bricks, one by one, dried through the sun, which officially opens new construction material for the villagers.
The woodwork school of Ngodi-Si produces all the wood elements (framework, shutters, doors …) necessary for the constructions of AFRIQUE FUTURE since 1994. Once their own needs fulfilled, it will be possible to satisfy external customers of the association.

The farm-school grows pigs and goats meant to be sold whilst the 3 ha palm grove starts to produce an interesting amount of oil. 50 group of country woman’s representing 50 villages have decided to join together, under the aegis of AFRIQUE FUTURE, to form one self governing entity, the SOFRAAF.
AFRIQUE FUTURE finances their micro projects such as cereal mill and oil mill, seeds, communal fields and follows them on a technical point of view.
They achieve one’s end thanks to this income by creating, progressively, personal interesting financial possibilities, and also reach their autonomy. If they entrust their economy to AFRIQUE FUTURE, we deliver them interests.

Finally, AFRIQUE FUTURE also supports financially apprentices (the training is charged in Cameroon) and young citizen anxious to follow their studies beyond the high school. Nos missions