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What they have said :

- The Department Prefect from Nyong-et-Kellé : -
… « It is a pleasant task for me to end my talk with a vibrant tribute to Father Emmanuel-Marie Mbock Mbock, founder of AFRICA FUTURE for the relentless efforts he expends, in collaboration with friend countries, in obtaining finances as well as implementing a number of projects be it health care, education, agriculture and the construction of dirt roads. Year after year, since its foundation, the NGO AFRICA FUTURE, has had a spectacular success, one that evokes our admiration and profound respects. At the heart of prodigious development, there is faith, the untiring dedication of a team serving humanity; the passionate work, the seriousness, the rigor, the competency, the riche culture of the promoter plus an indwelling ambition for his country…. We wish long life to the NGO AFRICA FUTURE, knowing it is an example of good governance; one to be followed » …

- The mayor of the Ngog-Mapubi village : -
… « Our people would love to have many other Father Emmanuel-Marie Mbock Mbock » …

- The Canadian Ambassador : - 
… « I would like to thank all those who have contributed in making this such a great success; I am thinking of the populations and their various contributions, the technical managers, the workers who assured proper completion of the work, the coordination done by AFRICA FUTURE with competency and dedication. »

- The president of the villagers committee from Pan-Maka : - 
« We are all sick people of diverse diagnosis; but our main illness is being hemmed in. » …

- The Canadian Ambassador : -
… « It truly is an honor and a great pleasure for me to participate in the opening ceremonies of the Hospital in Emana Buea, realized by the organization Africa Future. I recall that only a few months ago, I participated in a similar ceremony, this time dedicated to opening a rural dirt road of great importance for the local populations. At that time I was very impressed by the rallying of the populations, who attended the ceremony and their involvement around the realizations made under the leadership of Africa Future and its dynamic founder.
Today we are assisting at the inauguration of the Deo Gratias Hospital in Emana. How can we not confess our admiration for this fairly young organization with a logbook of eloquent realizations…if we look attentively we will soon realize that neither the projects realized nor the sectors serviced, were chosen at random. They respond to real needs and at times urgent needs of the populations. This is how I can explain the keen interest with which these populations participate in the actualization of the projects. It further explains the difference between a so called imposed project and one desired or dreamed of . » …

- Two Sisters of Charity from Ottawa (Visiting Ngodi-SI) : -
… « This primary school, which not so long ago was a mere dream, has become a well established and salutary reality. From village to village we observed the enthusiasm and the solidarity of the women who belong to the SOFRAAF movement (Solidarity of Rural Women acting together for Africa Future). We want to congratulate them on their commitment and encourage them to persevere in their activities, sometimes very demanding, but how precious for the future of their children and the development of their villages. Thanks also to Father Emmanuel for his confidence in the potential of the African women to better their quality of life and of those around them. »

- Two young Canadian (medical students doing fieldwork at Africa Future) : -
... « We worked at the hospital in Emana and in three of the dispensaries operated by Africa Future, in the bush villages. Our experience was most diversified. While in the City of Yaounde we were housed with a family eager to inform us of various aspect of the Cameroonian life. A household well alive providing us with an atmosphere for cultural sharing; we discussed, we danced, we sang, we cooked, etc.. Very different was our stay in the villages. We lived at the rectory or in the dispensary. The rhythm of life was other, the sanitary conditions also! Many of the villages had no electricity, no running water. We soon learnt how to fetch water, to use oil lamps, to live without television and the most difficult, to wash with cold water. We spent our two last weeks in the village of Pan Makak…Our work there was slightly different. Rather than live at the dispensary, we walked to the more distant villages, because vehicles were unable to circulate there. Our back packs were filled with medicines and medical supplies. Each day we walked many kilometers to a different place in the large equatorial forest. Often very sick patients were waiting for us as if our visit were for them a blessing,… Daily we were confronted with people who had no monies to pay for medical care or for essential medicines. There is no medical insurance coverage system in Cameroon. We saw women delivering their babies in very inhuman conditions and nurses performing miracles of survival. Besides poverty being ever present, we witnessed some very severe social problems, especially corruption, alcoholism and witchcraft. Daily we were surprised and charmed by the magnificent qualities of the Cameroonian people. Though being deprived of so much they strongly believe in welcoming strangers with great warmth. They would say “why do you do so much for us.” Maybe so that their guests might not see as much the misery, in which they flounder each day. »…

- Rural coordinator : -
… « The main source of revenue for the village populations is selling their produce…the thorny problem is the inability to bring their produce to the bigger markets because of severe dirt road conditions. All their efforts become useless. The more courageous carry their harvest on their heads and walk many kilometers before coming across a vehicle. In these families the children are frequently the ones requested to do the task. The repairing and the construction of roads along with the building of bridges by Africa Future has been particularly recognized by the beneficent populations who lack words to express their satisfaction and their gratitude to Father Emmanuel, the development promoter in the region. Cars and motorcycles can now drive, day or night within the opened up villages to transport passengers and merchandise. Life has resumed in these villages . »…